Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I finally got me some pics to post.  These are my pigeons.  They are a lot of fun.  I haven't trained them for miles, so they just fly around home.  But we let them out in the afternoons and they take off flying around home.  Sometimes they go out of sight and are gone for some time.  I have no idea where they go, but quite often they simply fly circles around the area.  When they are done flying they land on the shed or in the yard, or in the very tall pine tree at the back corner of the back yard.  They ocassionally find water to bathe in.  They when the sun begins to set they fly back into their coop, and I toss them some mixed grains to munch on before sleepy time.  But since the owl incident they won't even land in the yard.  They are staying high in the pine tree.  It may be safer for them because they have a chance to fly away, at least.  I just don't want them to feel so comfortable outside that they don't return home.  I never named them.  When I got them they were very skiddish.  They would fly to the top of the coop when I tossed grains or bread in for them.  As of late they would fly down to eat when I would feed them.  Hope they are okay. 

Got chicken pics in a third post for today!!


farmlady said...

My great Uncle use to have piegons and, as far as I could tell, if you feed them they will come. No problem. He had 100's and they all came back to the barn every night. We would climb the ladder to the hay loft and give them water and bird seed. They made such a cool sound and the feathers were everywhere. It's a good memory. I can even remember how it smelled.

Owls are a problem with any bird or small animal. It's part of the drill when you're living on "the farm".

By the way..., I like those nesting boxes on your sidebar. Did you buy them somewhere?

Chicken Boys said...

Got them from georgiafarmwoman.blogsot.com Her husband makes them! They would make a great Christmas gift!!