Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey guys.  I haven't been around this week.  I gotta be away for a bit.  No problems.  I lost Elvis this week. He went missing for a few days, then I found him under the porch.  I was heart broken.  He was my Ki Ki.  We also lost a kitten.  Tiny Cat, as we named him, had health problems from birth.  Poor thing didn't have a chance.  If I have a chance I'll pop in soon.  DON'T GO ANYWHERE!  I'll be right back!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Two Awards

A couple of months ago I was given an award by Tracey at Crafty Scraps.  I told her I would post it later, and I never did.  I certainly was not ignoring her.  I still have to award saved.  I'd see it frequently, but I stay pretty busy, and just didn't get a round to it.  I am sorry for that.  But I am posting it today.  I also got an award from Amy at At Home With Amy.  So I decided to incorporate the two of them.  I gotta name 10 things you didn't know about me.  I may have shared some of this stuff.  I can't remember.  But I've gotten new followers since then anyway.  I also have to name 5 things I hate.  Then I have to nominate 10 people to do the same.  A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful friends Tracey and Amy.

From Tracey

From Amy

1.  When Mike and I first talked about getting chickens it was a joke.
2.  When I was a kid I put peanuts in my glass bottle coke.
3.  I love to travel.  I've been to 48 states and 7 other countries on 4 continents.  But two of those countries were in Europe, and I only went to airports in Ireland and Holland.
4.  When I was in 5th grade I punched a teacher and never got in trouble for it.
5.  When I was 4 years old my family went to Mexico.  I disappeared, and when they found me I was half way up a Mayan pyramid.
6.  I used to bring dates to my Grandma's house to watch movies with her....but she was a cool-ass grandma!
7.  When I was 10 years old I pulled a Greg Luganis while doing back dives in a pool in Florida.  I missed the water, cracked my head on the concrete, filled the pool with blood, and I have to scar to prove it.
8.  I love fried ice cream.
9.  I love to be busy doing things outdoors.....in the country.  I love the peace and quiet.
10.  I still have three baby teeth.

1.  Brussel Sprouts....Sorry Belgium
2.  Shaving
3.  People talking on the cell phone when they are driving
4.  Cold Weather
5.  Judgement out of Ignorance

That's me in a nut shell....how about you?

I know some of you aren't too keen on these sorts of things.  And some may have already done it.  But it keeps things interesting.  Shine a little light in the corners of your life for us!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Number of Things

Okay, so I have a lot to post about.  That seems to happen a lot, but I don't get around to all of it.  Then it becomes old news.  Then I end up not sharing some things because that happened three weeks ago.  Who cares?!  I'm gonna share a few things today, but still not all of it because it would be an insanely long post.  Besides, it can become some boring details anyway. 
Thanks for the thoughts of comfort on my Monday.  I got up at 3:30 this morning to go pee, and it was raining again.  Then at 6:30 this morning it was coming down in buckets, as the morning news anchor, Lynette Taylor,  put it.  I was glad the chicks were in the brooder.  They are still outside, but they are under the shelter.  Wanna see some pics of them?  I got some before I scooped them up and some of them in the brooder box.  The white ones came from this silkie rooster and white hen.  You can see the black chickie in with her in the second pic, but none of the black chicks made it.  I was gravely disappointed.
They were hatched in a nest box I got from Pam, over at Life On A Southern Farm
She and Farm Man make and sell nesting boxes for the hens.  The have a web site called Hen Pals.  Even if you don't have chickens they are certainly worth checking out.  Excellent hand-made craftsmanship!

I also got these!  A friend and co-worker was doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of a bunch of chicken stuff!  I reminded him of my chicken adventures, and last Friday he brought me a big box of chicken stuff!  Look at all the stuff he brought me!
Do you remember the pic of the nest I took with the bird tail sticking out of it?  You can see it here.  Turns out, it was a mama Robin.  When she flew off I grabbed the ladder and my camera and climbed up to see what she had in my Magnolia tree.  Guess what I found?!  This!!

I have a flower that popped up in the middle of the back yard last year.  Does anyone know what it is?  I dug it up and moved it over by the mailbox.
I have more, but I will share later.  I got two awards!  One from Amy and one from Tracey.  Actually, the one I got from Tracey I got a month or two ago and never posted about it.  I'm a bad, bad boy and in need of a good spanking.  I thank them dearly from the heart of my bottom, and I will share about that tomorrow, time willing. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Unpleasant Chicken Day

Yesterday was NOT cool.  We went about two months without a dcent amount of rain.  Jim Howard and Greg Armbrect said we were getting some, but we didn't.  I'll bet Greg Fischal said we were, too.  But very little rain came if any.  Friday we were slated for a 60% chance on Monday, but by Sunday night it had jumped to 90%.  And the rains came.  My garden needed the rain, too.  I was carrying 5 gallon buckets out to water my veggies one at a time.  It's about a quarter acre, so my arms were a bit sore. 

As most of you know I had chicks hatch last week.  Some came Tuesday or Wednesday with more to follow Friday.  I never got an exact number, but I believe it was around 18 or so.  The bantam with the silkie rooster kept losing hers.  She hatched out 8 in total, but they were dying one at a time.  She still had 6 when we left on Friday.  Dustin, our neighbor fed and watered for us.  He's farmer's grandson. We got home late Sunday so the birds were left to sleep.  I didn't have time to check them before work yesterday, but when I got home I changed and went out to see.  It was still raining and all the birds were soaking wet.  The two hens were huddled over their chicks.  But the bantam/silkie only had 3 doing well with one squished in the mud!  It was the last black one.  I had to put it out of it's misery, and I was at the very brink of tears.  I didn't make Mike do it.  And I felt just awful!  Mike did tell me he pulled one dead chick from her that morning, and two from Bucky and China.  So I wrangled up the remaining chicks...three silkie/bantams and six from Bucky and China....nine in total.  I put them in the brooder box with feed, water, and some wheat straw for warmth.  Both hens clucked on calling their chicks, and the chicks peeped quite loudly from the box.  I felt awful for that, as well.  But I felt they would be safer that way.  I do have a heat lamp for them, as well. 

We also had a couple of pigeon squab hatch last week.  I think one of them is dead, too.  Mama was sitting on them and wouldn't let me check.  But I know one is still living.  I could see it moving.  Got another pigeon sitting on two eggs.  Baby pigeons are so UGLY!  Their beaks are way to big!  Glad they are pretty when they grow up. 

I haven't been commenting as much lately.  I've been busy as a bee in a clover field.  But I still pop in to check on each of you.  Just cause I don't say anything doesn't mean I'm not reading!  I'll try to get some pics up in the next day or two.  I have some, but they are still on the camera.  Have a pleasant day, all.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They're Here!!

We have all been waiting.

I had a hybrid bantam hen.  She is all white, but I have both parents.  They are both black with a tan or cream colored collar.  She was by herself, so I put a white silkie rooster in with her.  Well, they got busy, and she started sitting after laying about 15 or 16 eggs.  It seemed like forever ago when she started sitting.  We'll be away for the weekend, so I figured if they had not hatched by Friday, I was gonna throw out the eggs.  Yesterday afternoon I saw a little white head poking out from under her, but I could still see eggs.  She was still sitting, too.  Then I check in on her this morning before leaving for work.  I saw a black chick, but it wasn't moving.  I think it might be dead.  I told Mike just in case, so he can get it out if it is.  But since she was still sitting I let her sit.  I wll check back in this afternoon.  I can't wait for her to get up.  I'm curious as to how these chicks will turn out!  I will post later when they are out and about with some pics! 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Got my nephew and niece for the weekend.  Hope all you ladies have a safe and wonderful Mother's Day, in or out of America! 

Sky Watch Friday
Took this pic a few years ago a couple of miles from my parents.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Renee @ Of Lemons And Honey

If you have not been by to see Renee lately or even at all you should go see her now.  She is an amazing woman with a fantastic story to tell.  Here is a sampling. When I read this, I was wondering if it was a real story.  If so, was it her story?  Well she says it is!  It's a real nail biter!  She has started a "book" and has gotten me hooked.  And if you are like me, you want to know....the rest of the story.  Visit Renee any time at her blog http://www.oflemonsandhoney.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Whew!  Been busy with work.  Sometimes I think they are trying to kill me! Anyway, I'm not gonna use today's post as a complaining platform.  I had some pics of the moon I've been saving to share, but it seems that's the blog theme lately.  I've noticed several of you have been posting pics of the moon.  Of course, mine are not as good as some of yours, but they were really experimental pics.  I had to delete some because the moon looked more like a loaf of bread.  So, without further adieu, here's my moon.

And that's my magnificent moon! 
Thanks for the thoughts and concerns.  All is okay, and I will keep you posted!!