Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Belief Project

Okay, so the title of this post is a bit strange, and probably not fitting.  It's what popped into my head.  You see, I have my cell phone service through U.S. Cellular.  And they have been doing all these plans, new rules for phone trade-ins, new this, new that.  They call it the Belief Project.  I know very little about the details of these changes, really.  But having a sister-in-law that works for U.S. Cellular, I have been informed that these changes, in an essence, do offer better service to customers, but also increase opportunities for the company to generate a great deal more revenue.  The company advertised changes, but kept the details a bit hush-hush till the beginning of this month when the changes went into effect. 

Well, I said all that to say this.  My big changes are coming.  I start my new position on Monday.  Actually, I got a phone call this morning from my new boss.  I have to drive to Charlotte Sunday night.  I will have some training Monday and part of Tuesday.  It's about a six hour drive, so I will have to get a motel room for a couple of nights.  Of course, all this comes out of my pocket till I submit an expense report.  Yeah!!  Cough! Cough!  I must say, I am a bit nervous.  I haven't had a lot of details about this job, and I will be starting in a couple of days.  I just got the call this morning about going to Charlotte first of next week.  But I won't even have the details to where I need to go or what time till later this afternoon.  I'm anxious, to say the least, but excited all the same.  What if I hate this job?  It's not like I can just walk back and take my old job back.  There have already been 50+ applications.  Oddly enough, many of them came through my office, so I've seen who some of the candidates for my replacement are.  Some were impressive, over-qualified in my opinion, and some were, shall we say, completely unexperienced.  But people need a job.  And I'm sure there are ones out there desperate enough they will apply for any job.  I'd probably do the same.

That's that.  The chickens are doing great.  I had three loosies.  There were three Black Austrolorps that hatched out early this summer.  I just let them free range from the time they hatched under their mama.  I decided that it's time to wrangle them up since a neighbor complained about them scratching in his garden.  I managed to catch two, but the third got wise and wouldn't come near me.  I'll have to give it another shot this evening.  I should have tried last night after the thing roosted, but I was too tired.

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend yet.  Mike mentioned going out to Applebee's for dinner Friday night.  My sister said she was taking her kids to the county fair Friday evening.  She said Tony won't ride certain rides with her, and since she had her baby in July she wants to do all the stuff she couldn't do when she was pregnant.  So, that's something else to consider.  Other than that, that's the latest in a nut shell! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain

Is it really quitting today?  This morning the weatherman said the rain was gone, except for a couple of pop-up showers along the Pitt County/Beaufort County lines.  I promptly looked out the window to see it was raining still.  I do NOT live along the Pitt/Beaufort county line.  There's still a light mist outside.  We really needed the rain, but this much rain was insane!  I don't know the exact amount, but last I heard it was about 15 and a half inches over the last two days.  I can't help but wonder if any of the cotton crops have been, or will be, ruined by this much rain.  Jacksonville got several inches more, and I heard that Wilmington got well over 22 inches!  My chickens weren't in standing water.  The land is fairly high back there, but the poor things were certainly standing in mud.  One of my roosters, a white silkie, died.  No clue why, except I assume between the cool temps and the rain he may have gotten pneumonia or something to that effect.  I'll have to check them again this evening.  Mike will check them today.

I tried to get rid of a few of them.  I put an ad in the Carolina Bargain Trader, but I only got one phone call.  A lady called, who said her husband told her to call.  She wanted to discuss it with him and call back.  She never called back.  I may have to feed them through the winter, then take them to auction.  C'est la vie.  Oh, and I just sent in another ad to find homes for these kittens.  I have five that need homes.  Otherwise, I'll have to take them to the pound and hope Saving Graces For Felines will pick them up.

Well, I start my new job on Monday, October 13th.  At least I think I do.  My new boss called me last Friday and offered me the job then went on vacation.  To my knowledge he'll be returning to work on Monday.  My current boss didn't give a counter offer.  I really didn't think he would.  It was just too big of a difference.  My current position was posted in the company, and on the company web site ( and within two days I've heard that they've received over 40 applications.  The position is posted for 10 days, so I can only imagine how many apps there will be! 

So I will be working for Airgas National Carbonation.
I'm sort of looking forward to the change.  Thanks for all the well-wishes.  And thanks for the offer of a good meal, Jim.  How can I get in touch?  It's strange to think I will be driving a truck, especially for what they offered.  No, I will NOT be getting rich.  I don't even buy enough lottery tickets to get rich.  In fact, playing the lottery for me is a rare occasion.  But I digress.  But the difference in pay was worth moving out of the office.  At least, I think....I hope.  (I'm gritting my teeth!) 
Now this is not my truck.  But I will have one similar to it.  I know a couple of the guys I will be working with, and they're pretty cool.  But for now, the suspense is killing me!!