Friday, April 30, 2010


Thought I'd give you and update on the babies.  They are getting big now.
Here are three RI Red/Black Sex Link mixed and one Black Austrolorp.  The one in the front is gonna be a pretty bird.  The Black Aussie (2nd from front) grew much faster and is a bit bigger than the others.  The third from the front is about 10 days younger than the others, but holds his own.  The one in the back has a bit of white on him that I'm convinced with turn out to be tan. 
They didn't want to be still for the photo op!  Busy little buggers, they are!
These two are also RIR/BSL mixed.  I love the light colored one.  But that's also the one who got picked on by the others.  He had no feathers on his neck.  I separated him, but gave him a small buddy to keep him company.  He's started to heal, but keeps scratching the scabs, making it bleed again.  He looks pitiful.
Just look at the poor guy's neck!
Sometimes when I get home from work I don't even go into the house.  I go straight to the chickens and/or the garden.  Last Friday I was in a horrible mood over an issue I still have to figure out.  I went back to look at the birds, and this is what I found!  She was sitting on two eggs, but only one hatched.  He's so funny running around all by himself. 
Here he is close up.  I'll probably take him away this weekend, and put him with the others.  He was always running around.  He had no deisre to look at the camera.
And of course, I could not leave out these little guys!  Aren't they just the cutest!
This cute little guy is the runt.  He's half the size of the others.  But when they are feeding on mama he's off curled up by himself sleeping! 
Here's my last baby pic.  Well, it's not really a baby.  It's the mama.  Not sure what kind of bird she is, but here nest is in our Magnolia tree.  I'm sure the baby has hatched, though, as I found broken shell under the tree.
And finally.........

P.S.  I don't know which of the baby chickens are hens or roosters.  I just used the terms he/him as general terms.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Le Fleur

Jim at The Gaudy Garden requested to see my roses, and since I only have two rose bushes I opted to make today a Flower Tuesday.  Besides, I have a bush that I have no idea what it is, and I'm hoping for a little help in identifying it.
This is my Nearly Wild Rose
Nearly Wild Rose Buds
Nearly Wild Roses from the deck
My Something Rose.  I don't remember what kind of rose this is, but it starts out red, then gets more yellow in it, before it fades to a pretty pink
A Something Bud
A fading something rose
My Something Rose Bush
Got this plant from a neighbor.  He called it Sweet Betsy.  It has these little brown pods that open up like flowers.  They smell like strawberry wine coolers.
Then there's this bush.  It looks like a rose bush, but it has no thorns.  It was growing behind the shed when we moved in, so I dug it up and transplanted it.
A close up of the leaves
And these are the flowers.  We've never seen it bloom.  We transplanted it last spring and it didn't bloom.  But this year it did.  In fact, it just started blooming this past week.  There are tiny buds all over.  Does anyone have any idea what kind of plant this is?  If it blooms  all over like this it will be very pretty.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What A Week

I am so ready for the entire week to be over with.  Of course, we look for the weekend to escape from the problems of the week, but they don't go away.  They sit right there and wait for you to return to them on Monday.  I had some unpleasant news this week that has put me in a bit of a predicament, and I am left having to make a decision I really would rather avoid.  I don't want to share any details right now, but I'd appreciate any thoughts and prayers I can get.

With that said, my weekend plans changed today.  My sister had asked Mike and I to go to the Dogwood Festival with them in Farmville, NC on Saturday.  There will be street vendors, live music, rides for the kids, and such.  That was the plan for Saturday.  But my mom didn't see my truck at work this morning when she drove by and thought I was out sick or something.  She called Mike and said that all my brothers and sisters were taking their kids to the festival and it was gonna be pretty quiet at home (for a change).  She asked if we'd like to come out for dinner, and maybe help her plant some flowers or something in the yard on Saturday.  So that's what the plan may be after all. 
The circle is the area where my parents live.  That's the Pamlico River that empties into the Pamlico Sound, which in turn, empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  We live an hour and a half west of them on the same river.  But it changes names to the Tar River half way in.

 Lost a chicken a few weeks ago.  Mike and I left Saturday morning and return Sunday evening.  I fed and watered the chickens well before we left, and when we returned we found our splash silkie dead.  She only had one eye.  The guy we got her from said she had Merek's as a chick, but had recovered well except for her eye.  She was with a blue rooster named Blueberry.
They were camera shy.  In fact, they were handled very little and any other type of living thing shy.  But now he seems severely depressed.  He only sits and refused to walk.  He eats and drinks very little.  I'm not sure if he will last through the weekend.  I tried putting another hen with him, but she does her thing, and he ignores her.  I've given him some antibiotics, but it all seems hopeless. 


I got this rainbow out our back door one evening with my cell phone. That was before my sister gave us a nice camera.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Found out where Stripey Cat was for three days.  Farmer set out live traps to catch varmints around his chickens.  Nosey little Stripey Cat wandered over to his place and got himself into a mess.  But Farmer and his grandson realized he was a pet (but didn't know he was ours) and let him go.  He's home safe and sound now.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bad News, Good News, and Sky Watch Friday

First, the bad news.  I had a rough time sleeping last night.  Mike has been sick.  He's been coughing and moaning in his sleep.  Of course, he's not been sleeping that well, either.  But that's not the only reason I didn't sleep well.  All the animals think they should be as comfortable as possible at bed time.  That means they think they should all sleep with us. Except Prissy.  She rarely ever gets on our bed.  Elvis, who I named after Elvis Presley (A Little Less Conversation-remix), climbs right up my shoulder and puts his face in my face to sleep.  Max (who Mike named with his ex before we met) gets in and out of bed all night.  He's one of the nosiest dogs I've ever met.  Thinks he's gotta know what's going on with everyone all the time.  Minnie would rather be between us, but is forced to sleep at our feet.  She doesn't move after she settles in....even if she's in your way.  Then there's the bad part of the good news.  Part of the reason I couldn't sleep well last night.  It's hard to sleep with a cat...yes a cat....particularly a striped one named Stripey Cat thinks he's supposed to sleep on your face. 
Mike called me yesterday to tell me that Stripey Cat came home.  There are a number of kids that live down the street.  I think maybe one of them tried to keep him.  But if you open the door when he wants to go out he bolts before you can even say stop.  I could be wrong, though.  The important thing is the good news....Stripey Cat came home!  Thanks everyone.

And finally, I wanna do a sky watch Friday.  I got the idea from that Canadian woman over at That British Woman.  I took these pics about a month ago and never down loaded them from my camera.  I thought the second one looked like a volcano erupting.  Perfect timing with the one erupting in Iceland.  Hope all you European types are okay and not too ashy or smokey.
I took these pics right out my back door.  Those trees are just on the other side of the field behind the house.  Great sky, ain't it?  Y'all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where Is He?

Where is Stripey?  He's a great cat.  Priscilla is a sweet cat, but she's not very affectionate and keeps to herself most of the time.  Elvis is a lovey cat, but usually later at night when I'm watching tv in the dark or after I've gotten into bed.  Stripey Cat would leap right into my lap and settle down for some good snuggling.  We already lost Black Kitty this year when he was hit by a car.  But Monday night Stripey Cat went outside and didn't come back.  He's only spent one night outside since last September.  He likes to stay out till bed time, but he always comes in at bed time.  He's afraid he will miss a meal!  If he doesn't come running, just shake the food dish.  He'll be at your feet in a matter of seconds!
Elvis has disappeared a number of times.   He's endured a lot.  He's moved 5 times.  And when Mike and I met I used to carry him to Austin, Texas on the weekends when I'd go visit him.  We've had to pick him up from the pound in Harker Heights, Texas a few times when I lived there.  It had even gotten to the point where they would call us to say he was there.  He just wouldn't stay out of the feral cat traps.  He even disappeared from where we live now for a whole week.  He came home scrawny and sickly.  But he's doing okay now. 
Prissy was not supposed to be ours.  Our landlord at our old place dropped her off and said he called the pound to come get her.  (But they never showed up.)  We had a guy staying with us for a while who was down on his luck.  So we gave her to him.  He took care of her, fed her, and everything.  Then, one day, he went out, got back into the crack cocaine scene, and didn't come back.  So we were sorta stuck with her.  But we've grown to love her.  She's not going anywhere right now.  This is what she's got at home.
She's got four little kittens that are about 2 weeks old.  Their eyes are just opening now.  They are adorable, too.  But where is Stripey Cat?!  He IS a male.  And he's right about the age where he should start getting curious.  But still, it's not like him to miss a meal.  If you're reading this Stripey Cat, please come home.  We miss you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Mix of Stuff

First things first.  Now that all of you have thought less of me for what I posted Friday, I must say that it isn't what you were thinking.  That guy in the pic with me is Mustafa (we just called him Steve).  He was an Iraqi that worked as a translator for us.  He also got us "things" from outside the walls.  That is a hookah we are smoking....remember the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland?  We were NOT smoking weed, green, trees, mary jane, hashish, or anything of the sort.  It was flavored tobacco.  Strawberry if my memory serves me correctly.  I wanted to bring one home, but they said customs wouldn't allow it.  Then, when we were in Kuwait they said we was too late, then.  But we had fun on occasions while we were over there. 

We had quite a busy weekend.  We didn't go to the aution Saturday.  There was just too much going on.  I did meet my mom and sister with kids in tow for lunch at Zaxby's.  Then Mom came back to the house for me to wash her car.  She was gonna have it done professionally, but I offered it for free.  Mike was working on our kitchen cabinets, stripping the paint.  They are birch wood, so we decided to strip the white paint and lacquer the wood.  Looks pretty nice. 

We also had a successful rescue attempt on Saturday.  We used to have Becky, a Quaker Parrot.  She was quite noisy and drove Mike insane.  So he gave her to our neighbor.  However, our neighbor doesn't have the best track record for taking care of animals.  And sure enough, he grew bored with Becky and let her go outside about a week ago.  Since then we have either heard her talking and squawking, or seen her high in the trees.  Saturday she landed in a tree in the back yard, then the top of the chicken coop, then back to the tree, then on top of the other neighbor's shed right up next to the fence between our yards.  So I put a chair up by the fence and, wearing leather gloves cause she always would bite me, I called her.  She hopped onto my finger, and I grabbed her little talons with my thumb.  We put her in a 2nd stage brooder pen and I put in some water and chicken feed.  A week without those and she was ready for them.  She's okay now.  My dad is gonna get her now.  I just gotta find her a new cage.  She's doing good right now, though. 

Sunday was busier. I went shopping. And I did just what I complained about my mom doing. Though she was looking at clothes and shoes...ugh! I was shopping at Lowes! I was looking at the things I can't afford right now. And I was looking at the things I could afford, but had to choose this or the other. I almost bought a fig tree. I'd love to have a fig tree. Probably not this year, though. But I did buy seeds for the garden, plus a few started plants. I also bought some flower seeds to plant around the house, and some solar garden lights for the front of the house. Then I spent most the rest of Sunday afternoon planting the garden. I've got squash, watermelons, canteloupes, okra, bell peppers, egg plants, corn, jalapenos, mixed hot peppers, and Zinnias to sell as cut flowers. There's probably more, but I can't think of it all now.
Here's that motor cycle from Orange County Choppers that kept me so busy in March. (Don't know why blogger is squishing my pics all of a sudden.  They don't look good that way)
I was looking for some papers in an old shoe box, and I didn't put it away.  Stripey Cat decided to make a
bed out of the box!

Our Easter visitors.   Not sure if they were wild or not, but I'm guessing half wild. 
Here's our little chicks.  They're actually about a month old now, with feathers and all.  I don't have a recent pic.  The four on the right are RI Red (pea comb rooster) and black sex link hen.  The one on the left is full Black Australorp.

I got an award from Tracey last week (SEE I DIDN'T FORGET)  I haven't had a chance to post on it yet.  I gotta try to come up with things you don't know about me first!  I'll try later today or tomorrow.

Friday, April 9, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday (On Friday)

Another busy week with a busy weekend to follow.  Might be heading to the livestock auction tomorrow.  Here's a pic for y'all to gossip about. that really what you are thinking?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Easter Weekend & A Big Thank You

We had a pleasant weekend.  We left Friday morning on the 1 1/2 hour drive to my folks.  Of course, when we got there, my mom said she had to go pick up my sister and her kids who happen to live 10 minutes from me!  If we had known that, we would have picked them up and brought them with us!  But everything worked out anyway.  We swung by my house to pick up my wallet and some eggs for Easter.  Then we went to the mall to meet my other sister who was buying an Easter dress for my niece.  I was not away of this when we left the house.  I certainly would not have gone!!!  You know, when a bunch of women get together to "buy a dress" it's going to be an all day affair....and it was.  You can't buy a dress without buying shoes to go with it.  Then the other women want to have "a look around", and will probably buy something for themselves....and they did.  The best part was dinner at this new Mexican restaraunt.  But we were gone from home for nearly 12 hours!  I could have killed myself!!!  Saturday was pretty uneventful, as my sister who met us at the mall went back home with her kids and my other sister's kids.  But my brother and his wife came over Saturday evening after her family had visited them.  That was a treat cause I got to see Jalyssa, my three month old niece, as well as Austin and Tyler, my nephews.  Sunday the whole gang went to church while Mike and I worked on dinner and getting the house ready.  We had a big dinner of baked ham, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, and more.  Then we had an egg hunt for the kids.  Last year, as a joke, we put some dog food in plastic eggs.  The kids thought it was so funny and my four year old nephew said," B member the eggs with dog food, Grandma?"  So we did it again this year.  Then we headed home Sunday evening with my oldest nephew who I have to take to meet his dad tonight.

I gotta send out a big thank you to several blogger friends.  First, I don't think I ever gave Amy a proper thanks for the things she sent to me.  I don't have any pics.  But she sent me some delicious Buttons chocolate candy, adorable "salt and pepper pots" with a rooster and hen on them, and a Union Jack, who sits upon my television.  Thank you so much, Amy over @

Thank you very much Susan for the wonderful gifts I won in your giveaway, too.  I got them in the mail yesterday!  I got a white dream catcher, a shamrock amulet, and an angel in a heart!  I'll try to post pics later.  I'm pretty busy this week with work and other stuff.  But, thank you so very much!!

Then I gotta thank Joanna.  I'm not sure who gave her my address.  It may have been me.  I can't remember.  But I know I sent her package from work and used my work address.  Maybe I put it in a note?  Maybe someone else gave it to her.  However she got it, thank you, Joanna, for my sign!  She sent me an ASU-Applachian State University sign.  I had a friend from high school that went to ASU.  But I haven't spoken to him since then.  But thank you, Joanna.

Have a great day, everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Ate Him!!

I will be so glad when this day is over.  These past two weeks have just been too jam packed with stuff to do.  And it seems for everything I get done, three more things have been added.  I am facing a three day weekend (after I wash the dogs tonight...Mike wants them clean for the trip to Mom and Dad's).  Of course, Mike will probably cook something on the grill.  It's supposed to be the best weekend so far this year, weather wise.  I do need to clarify....I did NOT actually ride the motorcycle!  We had a Ford dually with a trailer.  I was driving the truck, towing the motor cycle.  But if they had allowed me to ride that over-priced, misspent raise of mine, I'd have been all over that!

Mike has been complaining about having too many roosters lately.  We had four young roosters that he killed a month or so ago, but we thought they were hens.  They needed to go.  But we also have a few roosters that we really haven't been using for breeding.  And that's really all they are worth!  Well, we partly kept them cause they were also good looking birds!  One was Little Chicken, the first chick we ever hatched!  Just look at him!
He is such a pretty bird.  BUT.......
I came home yesterday to find out he was put into our dinner!!!  Mike put him into a Mexican Chicken Lasagna!  Don't get me wrong!  He was quite delicious.  Mike almost never makes a meal I don't like.  But he had to feel bad for killing a chicken we raised.  I know I did.  But, isn't that what they are really for?  He wasn't a pet.  He and one other rooster got took, and one is in the freezer.  R.I.P. Little Chicken!