Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Man Chickens

Here's Perogi.  He's a mean one, Mr. Grinch.  We keep him in a coop away from the others.  He's a great breeder, though.  He's Rhode Island Red, but he must be mixed because he has a peac comb.  He's got a couple of black sex links with him right now.

This is our Black Orphington rooster.  He's a beautiful bird with bright, shiny feathers.  His name is Blackie Chan.  He's with a black and a buff orphington hen.

I can't leave out Bucky!  He's a mean one, too.  Mike's arms are all scratched up where this little bantam spurred the snot out of him.  He loves the sound of his own voice, too.  He crows all day long, and ocassionally during to odd hours of the night.  He's got a girlfriend...China.  But I have a white hen that should be ready to start laying soon.  She'll be his girlfriend, too.

You saw Little Chicken yesterday, along with the blue silkie rooster.  I also have a white silkie rooster and white silkie hen.  There's also two other roosters that I'm still trying to identify.  They are either Dominique, Barred Plymouth Rock, or Cuckoo Maran.  All three of these look similar, and pictures in books and on the internet differ.  It's hard to tell when you're not a chicken expert!


Amy said...

steven is real jealous over your rhode island red rooster!! he's lovely even if mean lol! xxx

John Gray said...

lovely birds Randy!
My rogo is the spit of your red rooster......

great to have some photos!
lets see the dogs and all the other birds!!!!

Callie said...

Your chickens are beautiful! Especially that nasty Bucky. That's I really like the separate pens.

Cynthia said...

Hi Randy! I so appreciated that you stopped by my blog for the Veterans Day tribute. I am so very glad that it was meaningful to you and I hope maybe it helped heal at least the tiniest part inside of you that needed acknowledgement and appeciation for your military service. Thank you, Veteran.

Your post blessed me for it made me feel as if I am sometimes making a bit of a difference in someone's life.

Last night I posted about an opportunity for all of us to send a postcard of thanks to our troops to arrive by Thanksgiving. Knew you would want to know - it's so easy and free - all the info is on this post so come see...

God Bless You,

Cynthia K.

mutteringsfromthemoor said...

Blackie Chan! Love it, great name! We don't have any roosters, just hens. But we do have male and female geese so we may have some babies sometime next year!