Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better Day

Today has been a bit better day.  Last night was rough, though.  I fell asleep around 9 p.m. with the tv on.  Woke back up, clicked it off and went right back to sleep.  But I woke again around midnight.  I laid in bed (with Mike and three dogs, we were baby sitting my nieghbor's dog cause he had to go somewhere).  I just couldn't go back to sleep.  It was nearly 2 a.m., so I got up and watched Animal Planet.  About 3 a.m. I went back to bed, but couldn't sleep still.  It was around 4:30 a.m. when I finally dozed off, and had to get up at 6 a.m. for work.  So I got very little sleep last night.

Got a call from SFC Cook today before lunch.  I was gonna call her if she hadn't called after lunch.  She had bad news and good news.  The bad news is that there were too many people worried about rules and regs than good soldiers.  So I am getting outprocessed from the Army Reserves.  I was considering going back to my old part time job at a local gas station.  Last time I worked there they got robbed, and one of my co-workers was shot in the back of the head point blank.  (He lived)  Plus, I'd be getting home around 1 a.m. and having to get up at 6 a.m.  I'd certainly be able to make more money, but I'd be working every week as opposed to one weekend a month.  There was good news, however.  She said that once the paper work was processed (2-4 weeks) I could take that same paperwork right down to a recruiter and get right back in, and even got back to the same unit I was in.  Of course, you know I argued the stupidity of that.  It is a complete waste of time, money, personnel, and paperwork.  But then again, we are talking about the government.  So, I probably will not be participating in March's drill, which is okay, because it is a field experience with boring classes and running another range at Fort Bragg.  I really was not looking foreward to it.

As far as my civilian job, it is quite a headache right now.  We are doing a full annual inventory this weekend, which means late night Friday and all day Saturday at work.  That should help because it means overtime.  But it also means that I have to have everything I do for the whole district, including end-of-month reports done right away, and right.  I'm finding crazy mistakes that are not necessarily ours, that date back as far as last August!  That's part of why I was cranky yesterday.  I know this will all spill into next week as well.  I just want it to hurry and get over all ready!

AND......I was excited about my hens that we raised from last spring and summer starting to lay this year.  But I got a huge disappointment this week!  Four of the five RI/Buff hens are squaring off now and trying to become fathers!  I now have four red-headed cockrels that I have no use for!  Unless I can find them new homes, they will probably end up in the freezer.  I just won't be the one to do the ugly deed.  I simply cannot kill any animal that I have been feeding and taking care of in captivity.  I'll probably give one of the chickens to a neighbor if they do the deed for me.  I want February to just be over now!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Weekend, Bad Monday

We had a very nice weekend.  It was sunny and fairly warm!  Saturday, Mike made another little chicken coop.  And I spent a good part of the day cleaning out the storage shed.  It was so full that you could barely get inside the door.  I cleared out tons of junk!  There is so much space in there now! 

Our friend, Les, had gotten a few roosters from us earlier this year.  He ended up returning some.  He returned two white silkie roosters because he didn't really have room for them.  Then he returned a white mixed bantam rooster.  The white bantam (which is a pretty bird) got put in with another bantam hen that just started laying her first eggs a couple of weeks ago.  One of the silkie roosters also got put in with another bantam hen that just started laying.  I didn't know if that would work, but he's topping her (that's what I call it anyway, to be mild).  So we will see how that goes, eh?!

Then, my younger sister called to just say hi, and Mike told her to bring the kids over to spend the night.  So she did.  And it started out pleasant.  But Saturday night didn't end well.  Cheyanne is eight years old, and did quite well.  Joel, who just celebrated his sixth birthday last month, had a big problem.  First, a little history (in a nutshell).  He's got a very short attention span and was recently diagnosed with ADD.  He's now on medication that has changed him tremendously (mostly in a good way) and has also helped him in school.  But just before dinner he said that his stomach was hurting.  He ate very little dinner and only one bite of his ice cream sandwich.  Then the nastiness began.  It was diahrea all night long.  He was laying in bed with Mike watching tv and fell asleep.  When I went to move him it came from both ends.  I stripped the bed and his clothes and put him in the bath.  Clothes and bed sheets got thrown onto the porch till morning.  It happened again, and we went through the same routine.  I had no medicine for him, and his mom was not answering her cell phone.  So we trudged through the night and he woke feeling better Sunday morning.  He did throw up again late Sunday morning after jumping on the neighbor's trampoline and spent the rest of the time on the couch watching cartoons.  His mom came to pick up JJ and Cheyanne just after lunch. 

Mike and I just piddled around with odd jobs outside.  The weather was just too nice to stay indoors.  He put the wire on the breeding coop he made, and I moved around some chickens.  We've got several roosters that have been alone most of the winter.  No need to have hens getting roughed up if they're not laying.  So, I grabbed a few hens and put them in with roosters.  And Mike put an Omaha Steaks roast on the grill over some oak wood.  It turned out very delicious!  We had au jus that we dipped french fries into, and a spinach and tomato salad.

Then, I came to work this morning.  It was not pleasant.  I think I will spare those details, but I get e-mail updates that tell me about jobs that become available in the area.  Still waiting on a call from SFC Cook about the reserves.  She told me Friday that I'm probably getting the boot out the door.  She was checking so regs for some way around (I don't really believe that) but she would let me know for sure today or tomorrow.  The really stupid part is I can go see a recruiter and get right back in.  That's the U.S. Government (not) hard at work.  Whatever.  I'm in a pissy mood today, and almost didn't post.  I only did because I haven't since last Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This and That

Being sick really sucks, don't it?  Mike got sick around the first of the year with a pretty bad cold.  He got mostly better.  He still had pressure in his head and started have bad dizzy spells.  We were reluctant to go to the doctor, Cause there's no insurance on Mike.  But we broke down and took him anyway, yesterday.  He was worrried they were gonna say brain tumor or something outrageous like that.  Of course, we both really agreed it was probably an ear infection causing fluid build-up in his ears.  So, $125.00 later, the doc says it's an infection causing fluid build-up.  How is that right?  What did I give him that money for?  A prescription?  I still had to pay for that at the pharmacy!  That was another $35 to add to it.  He prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid.  Strangely enough, my mom had given him that same antibiotic a week or so ago, and it didn't work.  Doc says it's because he needed the steroid to go with it.  We will have to see, eh?!

Thank you all for your kind words about Black Kitty.  They were greatly appreciated.  In fact, that was the most comments I have ever received on any post.  Gotta head out this afternoon.  Meeting with my career counselor for the army.  We will have to see where things go, as tomorrow is supposed to be my last day with the army reserves.  Don't wanna get out, but they gotta play the right cards, too.  Wish me luck!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rest In Peace Black Kitty

Mike and I had a tragedy this weekend.  Friday evening Black Kitty was outside playing.  Around 7:30 p.m. it started to snow.  Mike wanted the pets all inside because it was going to be another cold night, and with more snow on the ground this time.  They usually come running when we call them, but Black Kitty didn't come.  Of course, he'd only been outside about 20 minutes, and Mike thought he heard him meow.  I walked the yard, checked the field, and even searched the nieghbor's yard a couple of times, but to no avail.  Mike walked inside, but I thought I better walk the front yard.  That's when I saw the lump on the road.  In just a short amount of time some fool had hit and killed Black Kitty.  The road I live on is less than a quarter of a mile, and it was a black cat against a white snow-covered road.  How screwed up is that?!  Mike was pretty upset because Black Kitty would curl up next to him on the bed to sleep at night.  But Black Kitty is no longer with us. :(
On a lighter note, we had a nice V Day.  Nothing special.  There were no flowers, no chocolates, no cards.  We didn't go out to dinner or even have anything fancy at home (breakfast for dinner).  Instead, we spent Sunday afternoon finishing a chicken coop that Mike had built for the blue splash silkies.  Their current home is the old duck pen, and it's starting to fall apart.  It turned out pretty nice!  I just forgot to take pictures.  I'll get some this week to post later.
Most of the snow has melted, and it's pushing 50 degrees today.  I'm hoping it's the last of the snow.  Even if it doesn't warm up right away, I'm at least ready for daylight savings time. 
John, the Sunshine Award is for you, too. :D http://disasterfilm.blogspot.com/

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm Special

I've been pretty busy lately.  On top of that, nothing really noteworthy has occured, either.  So I haven't really posted in a few days.  But I got a double whammy today.  And it's got me grinnin' from ear to ear.
Two separate people think we're cool enough to get an award!  Renee and Odette have showered us with the Sunshine Award! 
That's just the sweetest thing!  Of course, yesterday was pretty chilly here, but at least the sun was shining.  We're expecting snow again, for tonight and tomorrow.  But I long for the warm spring days, and even those hot summer days with sweat dripping down my face while I sip cold iced tea in the veggie garden.  I want to thank both of them for thinking so fondly of us.  Our home ain't much, but friends are always welcome there.
I don't really care for picking out certain people because you all are good blog friends, but I will pick out a few in hopes that they will pass it on to all the others.  If I did not list you, I still consider you a good friend, and I encourage you to consider this award yours, too....from me.  Thanks everyone, and have a lovely Valentine's Day and weekend!
And everyone else who frequents my blog ( I keep typing glob)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Army and Weather

Not the best weekend.  One of the computer systems was down at Fort Bragg, so there was no time for scenarios.  So I only got to qualifiy with my M-16.  I got 33 out of 40, so not too bad. I would've been happier with 36+.  But a coupleI hit all of the 300 meter targets, though. It was all computerized (not like the real range we went to in November).  It was still kinda cool, but I was so exhausted Saturday night, as I haven't been sleeping well lately.  Sunday I took the PT (Physical Training) test....and failed miserably.  Well, I failed the run by a little over 2 minutes.  If I don't take it and pass by February 25th then I will be demoted, and my school appointment in New Jersey for March 4th will be cancelled. Bah!  But once I do pass it, because I have so much time in service and time in grade, I will be re-promoted immediately.  Go figure.  I'll give it a shot.  I just hate running alone.  I enjoy running, but give me a running partner.
Work has gotten a little too busy.  Things got pretty busy for a good spell there, and I have tons of paperwork to catch up on.  I'm getting there.  But our copier went kaput.  Boss says he's requisitioned a new one, but for several thousand dollars it takes approval that corp. thinks we have time for.  I did get a table top fax, scanner, copier, printer today.  It's pretty nice, too.  But I have about 1,500 pages that are awaiting copying, and I don't think a table top can handle that load.  I may have to give it a go, though.
It's cold and rainy out AGAIN!  I'm so sick of the rain!  I pass by the airport sometimes, depending on the route I take, to and from work.  Often there are several deer out grazing in the marshy area near the end of the tarmac.  But the river is so engorged that it has overflowed it's banks and that entire area is completely under water.  More rain is only making it worse.  I have a couple of small lakes in my back yard.  It's getting depressing.  And the weatherman says the cold is here to stay for a little while.  No snow.  Just cold, wind, and rain.  I might go stir crazy over it! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold Rain

Well, it's 4:30 in the afternoon and the sky is dark with rain clouds.  It's quite chilly out with the tempatures in the middle to upper 30's.  Rain has been pouring down most of the day with very few breaks.  It is suspected to continue into tonight.  Our rivers are swollen to bank level and the ground is saturated.  We don't need any more of this wet stuff for a while.  The weekend is here, and once again I have drill.  We are headed to Fayetteville, NC to Fort Bragg on Saturday.  We will be using the simulators for some war games.  It should be fun, methinks.  PT (Physical Training) test on Sunday.  So busier weekend, than I'd like.  Have a great weekend all.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Mike ain't 35.  He's 36!  I missed that one.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Words for Wednesday

Wow.  I just thought it was a cool picture.  I thought everyone would just laugh.  But now I guess I should explain what that was all about.  No, we do not have a camel, though I think that was be just fine.  I'd have one if I had a place for him.  But we don't and I'm not going looking for one.  This picture was taken when I got back from Iraq.  While I was gone Mike found this drive-thru safari place, and wanted to take me there.  You just drive through all this land and see all sorts of animals from Africa or Asia, or wherever they come from.  And before you drive in you can buy little bags of feed to give to the animals.  Well, obviously the animals come to expect these big metal things to reach out and feed them.  The ostriches were the worst and would nearly peck your hand off....think of hand feeding a giant chicken.  But the camel was just plain impatient.  Mike placed the bag of feed between his legs and offered a handful of feed to the camel, who gobbled it up pretty quickly.  And before he could get another handful the camel stuck his head right into the window, took a look around, then plunged his head right into Mike's lap!  It was hilarious!  I was lucky enough to snap this pic!  We had so much fun that day.

Today is Mike's birthday....he's 35 years young.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Some Cool Things

I love this lamp we mounted on our front porch.  It's an ocean bouy light that my dad caught in the ocean years ago.  I've never weighed it, but I'm sure it weighs anywhere from 80 to 100 lbs.  It got flooded from a past hurricane sitting in my folks garage.  We brought it home, cleaned it up, painted it, put in a new light fixture, and mounted it on the porch!
This is a cool vase I picked up while serving in Iraq.  I actually shipped it home.  I stuffed it with a couple of pillows and wrapped it in blankets.  I didn't know if it would make the trip in one piece, but it did.  But when Mike went to pull out the pillows a few pieces broke off the top.  We super-glued them and it looks just fine, barely noticeable. 
The Chair.  I don't know what else to call it.  It's a cushioned rocker.  My parents' got it before I was even born.  So it's been around for a while.  It's an ugly 70's green color, and it's not all that comfortable.  And though it's old, it's probably worth nothing.  But it has sentimental value.  If I'm getting rid of anything I prefer to do it quickly.  The longer I have it, the more it tends to have meaning.  I want to replace it with a rocking recliner, but I have no intention of getting rid of it.  But I have no other place for it.  The recliner is on hold.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy, Icy Weekend

Very busy lately.  Got a lot going on.  Got snow, followed by ice, followed by rain this weekend.  Just gonna post a few pics.
The Road We Live On

The Field Behind Our House Just Before Sunrise (Nearly Full Moon)

Ice on the Maple Tree I Planted This Summer

Max is Using The Back Porch

Snow In The Bird Bath

Mike Coming Out To Play In The Snow

Our Front Yard