Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween and Death

Halloween. Day of the Dead.  El Dia de los Muertos.  Whatever you call it, however you say it.  This celebration happens all around the world and involves the dead.  In some cases we celebrate the lives of those who have already gone on.  In others we perform rituals to ward off unwanted spirits.  Still others we dress in costumes and visit homes looking for treats.  But what about the chickens?  Even those beloved flightless birds must pass away.  Our goldfish get a ride down the toilet.  Our puppies and kitties get a burial in the back yard.  They, too, should get the same respect.  No, I'm not talking about tossing about their bones in a voo doo ritual.  I'm not talking about those fluffy down feathers that fill our huggy pillows and warm comforters.  It's not about the long wing and tail feathers the top our Sunday best hats, either.  It's about two things, really.  Fried Chicken and scrambled eggs.!!  Yum-o!!


Tracey said...

I eat chicken, but theres no way on earth I could eat one that I knew personally! xxx

Becca's Dirt said...

What a cute post. I love me some fried chicken. Have a good day.

Chicken Boys said...

Oh, no Tracey. I'd never eat one of my own. I have a young rooster that's just taking up food. Mr. Wade said to kill it, but I can't. He offered to do it, so I'll probably give it to him.

Nancy K. said...

I could never eat one of my chickens!

(but I might eat a ROOSTER or two, down the road)


Tracey said...

Hi Randy, Amy says she's going to email you as they want to keep in touch....XXX

debbie said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by and offering your sympathy for the loss of my beloved, only daughter, Amy Dawn.
I read a little of your blog and was so very, very happy to hear you had quit smoking.
Amy had cancer as a child but she also this time was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the tongue and throat which metas. to lymph nodes in the neck...she was 33...use to they only saw her cancer in 60 plus year old they are seeing it in younger and younger daughter was certainly not a chain smoker but she socially enjoyed drinking....tell any of your friends or family that smoke and drink together have a deadly combination....the sugar in the beer or alcohol sings to the nicotine and allows the combination of the 2 to awake cancer cells that we all have in our body.....what really activates them we don't know because certainly there are people who abuse and abuse alcohol and smoking and never get cancer but they are lucky....i am just warning everyone about a cancer that is horrendous to have and if I can save one person from the perils of it I dh, amy's dad....still continues to smoke seeing the pain and horror his daughter suffered and is willing to put me through it again...but he says it will never happen to daughter and his daughter......said the same thing.....her body is in the grave.....weighing 48 lbs at the time of her death.
now for your blog....
I joined your blog...I hope you will consider joining my blog...I love roosters and chickens.....I have alot of chickens and roosters in the house I collect. I just love them. Over 1/2 of them my daughter, Amy purchased for me.
They have such personalities....I look forward to hearing all about your life and your chickens.
Angel Hugs

Odette said...

Randy, we raise chickens for personal consumption and not as pets. it isn't unusual to see people grab the fattest one and slaughter it in their kitchen sink. they would even take pride at how good it taste because they raised it themselves!

debbie said...

My Grandma raised chickens....we didn't know for a long time time that the baby chicks Granddad bought from all the grandchildren after Easter for a $1.00 each was a chicken we ate at a later date. I NEVER watched but Grandma would swing the chicken by its' neck, snap it and then take a hatchet and chop it off....the first chicken for dinner would be a not too nice of cousin and I have hid many a chicken and the baby chickens that would die we would try to do cpr/ breathing in through a coffee straw.....we didn't know any better.
if I was going to have chickens, it would be for eggs and friendship not to eat them
angel hugs