Thursday, August 27, 2009


Maybe this seems a bit wierd.  Maybe I'm just plain wrong.  I thought we were living in a different day and age.  I guess maybe guys just don't blog about chickens or the such.  I have nothing against girls.  I like girls.  I think they are wonderful!!  There are plenty of guys that blog.  And I know plenty of guys that keep chickens.  But I suppose guys just don't blog about chickens.  I was looking at my blog with my large number of six followers, and I thought to myself..."Gee, I'd like to have more followers than that!"  So I started checking out other blogs (cause you gotta follow if ya wanna be followed).  I noticed that there is a minimal amount of male bloggers that are blogging about chickens.  I suppose I don't have to be followed by  chicken bloggers, though.  I haven't thought this through.  I'm typing as I'm thinking.  But if you are a guy that has chickens (they are really amazing creatures) wouldn't you want to blog about them?  I did find Duncan_2009 who has started a new blog.  He hasn't gotten his chickens yet, but when he does, he'll have lots of fun, I'm sure.  Maybe I'm the wierd one here.  Who's to say what's really normal?  I have five buff and Rhode Island Red mixed chicks.  I put them in a pen by themselves and the kept getting out.  So I just let them run around.  But I had been touching them and hand feeding them for the first few weeks.  Now they run up to me everyday just to eat out of my hand.  It's the coolest thing.  During the day the hide out in the field behind the house.  (I'm afraid a snake might get them, actually)  But I go out into the field and listen for peeps.  Then I make kissing noises, and they come running.  That's why I blog about chickens.  Aren't there any guys out there ( I haven't forgotten about you John) that enjoys blogging about chickens?  Again, I am just thinking out in writing, but I was certainly curious.


Cal said...

You're right, blog about what interests you and also follow other blogs too. That way you may get more people interested in what you love. But we also like to see other pics and read other thoughts about bloggers lives besides their main interest. It's how we get to know each other.

Amy said...

omg i just typed out a long comment and then the page went funny and i lost it! anyway...cutting a long story short...I just asked steven if he would start a blog about our chickens...he said he would its just he has never thought about, now i am going to get steven hooked on blogging! :) xx

John Gray said...

chickens historically is a woman thing...... The couse I have just taken all but one of my "pupils" were women and the only guy only came to keep his wife company!

Steven said...

Hello! I am Amy's husband...I have now started up a blog! Steven

Chicken Boys said... really think chickens are a "woman" thing? Most of the people I know that keep chickens, or at least care for them, are men. It's not really that important. I just took notice, and was curious.

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

I found it just hard enough to find a blog about chickens, let alone a chicken blog by a man or woman. However chickens are taking over the blog world now!
Thanks for stopping by my blog from time to time.