Monday, August 24, 2009

All Gone Wrong

My computer went dead. I mean, I got the blue screen of death!! I couldn't even log on in safe mode. So I had to ship it off the Charlotte for fixin'. Turns out I had a bad memory chip that had to be replaced. That left me without a computer for five days. It was fixed and shipped same day, but you have to give time to get it there and back!! Anyway, it's sorta fixed now. My screen is jumpy like it has had too much coffee, but everything else works. I will call Babs tomorrow to see what I can do to get that fixed.

I missed the auction this weekend. I thought it was next weekend!! Not that serious, cause I really wasn't prepared anyway. However, the next auction is September 12th and 13th! I have drill that weekend, so I won't be able to make it then, either. That really stinks. That means that I have to wait till September 26th before I can go to auction. I might have to put a few hens in the freezer. I just don't wanna be the one to do it. I truly don't mind the chickens being readied for a good meal, but I don't wanna see it happen. I've been feeding them morning and evening and talking to them. I go out and sit and watch them in the evenings! They almost like pets! Kill them if you must, just keep it from my eyesite!!

My grass is entirely too high. I started to mow my grass this weekend. I got about half the back yard done when the mower just died!! I'm not sure what could the matter be, but I will have to get it checked out soon. My sister popped in for a short visit, and my five year old nephew politely reminded me that I need to mow my front yard. What a growing list of things I need to do, eh?!

China has started laying again. I still have seven of her babies left. Les is supposed to get them, but I'm not sure when. Then are about eight weeks old now, me thinks. But she chases them away quite frequently, and now has four eggs in her nest. If I can get rid of the bantams fairly quickly, I don't mind her brooding again. But otherwise is just adding fuel to the fire.

I now have some silkies!! And my white hen has started laying. I am sure I can do well with her chicks! Of course, the rooster is blue. I have a white rooster, but it's her daddy. But I was told that the bitties will be either blue or white. I am learning something new all the time with these magnificent creatures.

I suppose I have blogged on quite enough. I'll give your eyes a rest for now. I'm working on a camera to get pics up. But in the mean time, thanks for noticin' me. :)


John Gray said...

I know what you mean....4 roosters have to "go" soon....I don't thinkI could acually watch it "happen".
....does that make me a lazy countryman????

John Gray said...

ps we have visited the states....New York (10 times) pittsburgh,eattle and san fran.......
is it worth a visit????

Chicken Boys said...

Every place is different. I live in North Carolina which is different from New York, Florida, California, Utah, Arizona, etc. Even some states are different with in themselves. It is so worth many visits if you're checking out all these new places.

Amy said...

ooo! I love silkies! I have 2 but they are crossed with something else lol!

LOL at what your nephew said hehe! xxx