Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Moving Day

I got home from work yesterday and went out to feed the birds. I have five bitties (not quite old enough to be cockrels or pullets yet) that have been in a bitty box. But they were getting a bit big for the box. So I had to move them. But I had to divide the coop for the three bantam teens first. So while I was doing all that I decided to let the ladies run around the yard to eat grass, bugs, and whatever else they thought would make a great snack. Those buffs are something else. They are quite sneaky like John Gray's little ducks. I turned my head for a moment and they were gone. Of course, they haven't found a favorite place yet. Sometimes they slip past the short pines into the garden. Occasionally they go around the side of the house to the front yard. Yesterday, they went behind Henry's shed into his back yard. And they do not like to go back into the coop for the evening, either. But I finally got the new coop set up for the bitties, and they loved it. They discovered dirt and went straight to fluffing their feathers in it. The bantams didn't like having to share a coop, but they sure were interested in checking out the new neighbors!! And, yes, China did have her babies. She's not letting them out, yet, though. She barely lets them out from under her wings! I have a pic here, but it's not a clear one. I had a half lid on it to keep the
wheat straw in, so I took it off yesterday to encourage them to come out. She will get hungry soon, and they will follow her out, I guess.
I suppose I better get some work done. I'll be back later. Y'all have a good one!!


John Gray said...

do you remove your broodies from their eggs to get them to eat and drink???
I have the same problem with Kate winslett (dont laugh) she wont leave the nest to drink or poo...... hey ho!

Chicken Boys said...

That's a good question! This is the first hen I've ever had sit on her eggs. All the others I have hatched in an incubator. If China isn't out this afternoon I may have to chase her out. Bucky won't like it, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Tracey said...

I can't believe how much fun you chicken people have with them! Amy is besotted, they are members of their family....x