Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Few Things

After my little escapades with the chickens yesterday I came inside to take a bit of a nap. Max was kind enough to join me. ( I hate pics with my hair this short because it makes me look like I have less hair than I do.) He often naps with me, but he's been a bit wierd lately. He used to sleep with Mike and I at night, but now he sleeps in the living room in that ugly green rocking chair that Minnie's pic is in. Of course, Minnie used to have a bed on the floor in the bedroom next to where Pierre used to sleep. But since he passed away, she has begun sleeping on the foot of the bed.
I suppose an introduction to Becky is passed due. I cannot, in good conscience, say that she is a sweetheart. On the contrary, she is a real devil. I do not feed her. I do not give her water. I do not clean her cage. She tries to bite me through her cage every time I even go near her. Mike does everything for her. She never tries to bite him. But he gets mad at her because of all the noise she makes. He got her in place of some money someone owed him. They offered the bird, and he obligingly accepted. But she begins making awful squawking early in the morning later in the evening when I get home. Of course, she's just being a bird (Quaker Parrot to be exact), but it's quite annoying. She does talk. "Pretty bird, cracker, She's my baby, wolf wistle, and a few more phrases." But my bird, she is not.
Finally, I was wondering if I may receive some assistance in discovering the breed of the chicken(This is Col. Sanders)? I know it's a rooster. He does not crow, or make any noise at all for that matter. But he has a rooster tail. And when I put a hen in with him he immediately topped her. His comb is rather small for a rooster. He has tufts of feathers near his ears. He also has rather long and skinny legs with long, skinny toes. He's colored like a Rhode Island Red. I was thinking that maybe he's part Aracuna? Any thoughts?


Becca's Dirt said...

Some birds can be so finicky and just down right mean. I like the colonel. Looks kinda like a rhode island red.

John Gray said...

shapes the same as an aracuna!.....i agree he's not a typical cockerel shape......poor old is he?

you write like I do!

Chicken Boys said...

He's about 6 months old, I think. Mike traded my neighbor. Mike did some painting for him in exchange for all his chickens (14 hens and 3 roosters). We also got our bantams from him, except for China, our new mom. She came from Mr. Wade, the retired farmer behind us.

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