Monday, August 2, 2010

A Cry Baby?

Well, the weekend came and went, a bit uneventful.  We went to the folks and tried a little fishing, but the weather was uncooperative.  The rain we weren't suppose to get came on Saturday afternoon, and again on Sunday.  The weatherman, or liarman, as I prefer to call him, said it was going to be partly cloudy with temps lower than they have been.  They seem to do well on the temps, but they have a hard time "guessing" at the actual weather.  I should have been a guesserologist.  You get paid to guess at the weather!  Anyway, it's Monday, and back to the salt mines.

I appreciate all the well wishes I got last week.  But looking at all of that I must have made myself sound like some sort of cry baby!  I would be lying if I said I was never a cry baby.  I'm an awful patient!  When I get sick I need a "mom" to bring me chicken noodle soup, check my fever regularly, bring me cold, wet rags...well, you get the idea.  A BIG BABY!!  I get a bit fussy when people break plans for less than satisfactory reasons, too.  But, for the most part I keep my mouth shut when I need to, and often when it needs to be open.  I do tend to make a lot of plans for myself to get this or that done with a timeline.  But if I say I'm gonna do something, then that is my intention.  And occasionally I overbook myself.  I might cross a deadline or two, but I'll get the job done.  Besides, I'm happier when I'm busy.  I prefer to be a constructive type of person.  There's always something to do.  Laundry, mow the grass, paint the shed, a new roof for the pigeon coop, move the bantams to a bigger coop, sell the bitties, paint the porches, replace the steps.  Okay, most of these are really just examples, but things to get done nonetheless.  Maybe you have different things to get done.  I'm quite sure if you look around, it would not be that hard to find things to do. 
From all of that rambling, I need to deduce that boredom is an excuse.  I do not like to be bored, and it's a rarity if I ever am.  I do find time to relax.  I eat dinner slowly.  I watch television.  I eat ice cream in bed while watching "The First 48" or something on the History channel.  The only REAL drawback I find to being busy, whether it's working or playing, is that it makes time go by so much faster.  It astounds me that in less than a year I will be half of seventy.  I have a feeling I'll be one of those guys that has some sort of mid-life crisis.  Pityful me.  But I don't want to be a cry baby.  Life is good, isn't it?  Sure, there are ups and downs.  We lose friends, we disagree with family, we have financial hardships, we face illness.  Those are facts of life.  But we breathe, we see beautiful flowers, birds, mountains, we talk with people, we make new friends, we listen to music.  Overall, if we stop and smell the roses, as clicheish as that may sound, we will realize that life, after all, really is pretty good. 
Okay, my blubbering has gone on long enough.  I'll leave you with a pic I took at the beach that I really love.  Have a great week!!

Okay, I gotta laugh at myself.  after proofreading before posting I realized I was whining to start with!  I'm not a cry baby, though!  Really!!


Becca's Dirt said...

I hear ya Randy. You sound very otimistic today. If we look there is always a reason to be happy.

I do get bored but that is because I like my down time and I just don't want to do anything sometime. I watch a lot of TV. I just added more cable channels to be bored with.

You are not a 'cry baby'. We all like to be coddled when we are sick and when we aren't sick for that matter. I would fix you soup and check your temp and just baby you. I am just that way. (PS I smoke pot too - not)

Hope you have a good week.

Jabacue said...

Yeah sure, Randy! Show me a guy who isn't a big baby and always wants his mama.
You sure are funny. You will be 35! You are a big BABY!
You know what you have to do.....enjoy the ups and get through the downs.
Lovely pic of the pier. Where is this?

Amy said... matter how much shit life throws at anyone life is for living and it is good. when you take a mintue and look around at what and who surrounds you, you realise what you have got. I often sit and stare at the sky or the trees (jim looks at me gone out!)but I love to look at the beauty around me, my kids, my family and forget all the crap we go through.

you aint a cry baby...i ring my mum when I feel crap and get lots of care from Jim!

Get back on facebook!!

Ames xxx

Tracey said...

awwwww poor baby! Put yer big girl pants on and deal with it! What happened to facebook????? come on dear, chin up. LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

John Gray said...

every girl needs a winge!!!

Chicken Boys said...

Okay, I see how it is. Just give it to me! I can take it! I can't do facebook anymore. :( Sorry.

Jim said...

I'm going to go in another direction.....Obviously, Mike is the care giver (when you are under the weather), and your history from your last post maybe wonder how you and Mike met.

Hopefully for Mike's sake, you aren't ill often.

Curious, hmmmm

Chicken Boys said...

Oh, Mike gets an ear full from time to time. I don't bring it all home, but he gets to hear about it. But on the other hand, I do the same for him. How we met, is I went out one Friday by myself. He was out with friends. I was invited to join them. And the rest is history. Well, there's a little more to it than that. But you get the idea.

LindaG said...

We all have our moments, mostly.
Youngin. ;)

Pier fishing!

You all have a great week too! :)

Doc said...


Don't let them pick on ya, now go change your diapers and blow your nose.
Doc :o)

Cat said...

Oh, Randy, if you were that bad, your blog wouldn't be any fun to read! :)

Too bad about the fishing, tho. Boredom. The bane of all active people... and more than a few teenagers.


(Eeeew, my verification word is "reaper"!)

LemonyRenee' said...

I'm just projecting, Randy. Right now, most of my problems are big, ugly ones and when anyone mentions things being a bit challenging, I am guilty of assuming theirs are, too.

Halfway to 70?! Ha! I'm halfway to 80! Time sure is flying, isn't it?

I am ashamed to say, I have never eaten ice cream in bed . . . now that's just sad. Must get that taken care of.

Got kicked off Facebook, did ya? I got kicked off Ravelry (= Facebook for knitters. Hey! Don't laugh, those knitters can be a WILD bunch!). I wear it as a badge of honor. But I've tunneled my way back in. ;)

Melodie said...

Hey,we all need a good whine ever once in a while! You just feel better when you let it all out!

Christine H. said...

Wait till you get to be halfway to 100!

P.S. The word verification this time is deckboyi. That's an odd one.

Nekkid Chicken said...


Leave that weatherman alone. We call Dale Nelson (DEAD WRONG DALE)he reports for channel 6 in Corpus. LOL I was going to post some back road pics for you fellows. Do you know the back roads going to Beeville? And nope, never ate the place you mentioned though I may put it on our must do list. I like Shorty's however, especially the one in Karnes.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Psssssst, We have no roses here to smell but we do have lots of pooh. LOL

Houdini said...

Loving the new look blog ;-)

noel said...


i can understand how unpredictable is...we get rain, cloudy, sunny, windy and then rainy all in a few hours and then turns around least the rain is warm and it dries quickly.

i enjoyed scrolling down to some of your posts and enjoyed reading about your town

thanks for connecting with me :)

Callie said...

We all need some tender loving care and hugs. Nothing wrong in that. Enjoy them. You're doing good. I try and keep busy and do best when I'm doing something I like. I guess I'm bored when I'm not doing anything constructive. But, now I have the computer to spend time with. Constructive?

bad penny said...

What IS going on in blogland ....we are all so touchy feely at the mo !

Thank you my dear - if you want my postal addy I'll send it email is:

thanks xxxxx

bad penny said...

PS ...thanks for the offer of a picture of yer bum... If I thought it would help then hey, yes- why not ? but....

um... thanks - er, no thanks !!!

How very sweet of you though xxx

sophie said...


There...does that feel onto seaglass...huh! Well, yes it could/would make really cool jewellry and there is some mighty fine pieces of artwork out there. Saw some at a Seaglass festival last month. As for other things that could be done with's up to your imagination....
Tks for the Monet comparison, now if I could make that kind of $ off it, then I'd be a happy pappy!

Odette said...

oh yes, having nothing to do when you are nursing a broken heart is even worst, believe me. the hurt is doubly painful that i end up crying and laughing all at the same time. i just need to find something to do fast, even it means running/jogging in the middle of the day. crazy me!
no, your not whining. you're merely sharing your feelings with us and i love it when you write from the heart.

ticc said...

Aaawwww, poor Randy!!! It's not good to keep things bottled up, and it's a good thing you let it all out. :O) Love your blog, and the entertainment. Keep it up, it wouldn't be fun if you didn't. Have a wonderful day!!!!

Edith Hope said...

Dear Randy, I have never thought of you as someone who whine. Quite the opposite. I imagine you to be very philosophical and very generous in so many ways with your family and friends. I do so agree that there is always something to do and to be bored is, in my view, something to be despised since any number of activities are all around. It is so good to be alive and well and able to do them.

But, dear Randy, eating ice cream in bed!!Whatever next!!??

Donna said...

What a great Uplifting post today Randy! I feel...better!
And No, you're Not a cry baby! You're Human...and you just let it Show! That's a Good thing!
Love the photo...beautiful!

Toni aka irishlas said...

As they say - let it all hang out!
You know what I mean :-)