Monday, January 11, 2010


Thanks to everyone asking about my mom.  She is much better and is back to work.  Odd thing is she was down with the flu, but she had gotten her flu shot.  Guess that flu shot isn't as great as they are saying it is.  Mike is just now getting better.  It's bad when he gets sick because it takes him forever to get better. 

I had drill this past weekend.  I really wasn't looking forward to it, as I had a PT test (Physical Training).  I had to do so many push-ups and sit-ups for two minutes each.  Then I had to run 2 miles.  I didn't do so hot on the run.  They are sending me to Orlando, Florida January 22-24 for  a Yellow Ribbon Campaign.  It's anti-suicide classes for those who have been to Iraq.  I came back four years ago.  I'd probably have done that by now if I were going to, but they say it's manditory, so off I go.  Then they are telling me that I will take another PT test next month.  This time I must pass the run.  If I pass I will be going to WLC (Warrior Leadership Course) in South Carolina to get a promotion.  If I fail the run, I get demoted.  No pressure.  A friend in my unit said he will pace me, but I have to lose at least five pounds in a month.  I'm not over weight, but I could stand to lose 15 to 20 pounds.  I've got my work cut out for me.

And something very important will be happening tomorrow night.  If you are the fan I am, they you are gearing up for American Idol!!  Yeeee-hawww! 

I was in Iraq when I picked Carrie Underwood to win.  I got home in March and voted for her like crazy.....and she won. But things will be a little different this year.  We have said good-bye to Paula Abdul.

And we are welcoming Ellen Degeneres.  I liked Paula, but she always seemed to be an emotional train wreck.  I don't know what to think of Ellen.  I'm not sure what credentials she's got that qualifies her to be a singing competition judge.  But, nonetheless, I'm curious to see how this, the 9th season, will turn out.  I understand that Ellen will not be on the first few shows (which are often the funniest as people make fools of themselves), but will show up at the judgement episodes.  Time will tell.  Let me see if I can pick the winner again!  If there are any fans out there, check it out on FOX tomorrow night.  Let me know who you think might be The Next American Idol! 


jojo said...

I can't believe AI is in it's 9th! I feel the same way about Ellen, I like her, think she's funny but a singing competition judge? hmmmm.

Sounds like you've got some work to do for your next PT. I am sure you will have no problem, if it ever warms up you'll be able to get out more! Take care and I am so glad that your Mom and Mike are finally feeling better...;p

RiverBend Farm said...

You're making me tired just thinking about all that exercise! ugh!
I think Ellen is going to be a plus to Idol..she probably doesn't know squat about music but she'll make it funny for sure. She's hilarious!
And now, it's out..Simon is leaving after this season. I guess he thinks the show will crumble without him. Ohwell...

LemonyRenee' said...

Wow, I hadn't realized you were in the service . . . well, thanks for all you do. Now get a'trainin, because it is clear to me that you need that promotion -- leave no room for misunderstanding that! Good luck!

I had to stop watching AI a while back. I feel just too sorry for the people who have their whole identities wrapped around being a singer and they are terrible. I understand that someone needs to tell them, but I just can't watch it. I'm a weakling.

Not like you, soldier! (I'm saluting in my weak, civilian way. . . my father was a Vietnam vet and he just shakes his head when he watches civilians who think they are saluting. LOL)

John Gray said...

I have always liked Ellen, even though she she connected herself with that awful "ally mc beal" girlfriend
now why can't we have such a normal gay man type of character on tv?

Odette said...

i like that Ellen being not a singer herself, won't be very technical in her judging. rather, she will likely add cheers and humor and she can save a lot by not having to text her vote!

Tracey said...

Like our X factor I like watching the really bad ones in the first few shows and I love Simon!
Did you get any snow?

Callie said...

Good to hear your Mom is well and that Mike is on the mend.

Thank you for going to Iraq and fighting for our Country. Hugs! And I am so glad you are home safe.

Good luck on the PT test and losing weight. Won't running take the weight off?

I watch TV on my computer. I'll have to look around and find American Idol online. I usually look at YouTube videos of contestants. I'll send in my pick if I find the show.

♥ Amy ♥ said...

I love our xfactor and simon so because of that I like watching american idol too. I vote like mad with xfactor! xxx

Tracey said...

You have been!