Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm not dead!  Really, I feel fine!  I suppose you all thought I had died or something to that effect.  I'm guessing that thought had crossed your mind since I have not been around.  That's not the case at all.  I just have been way busier than I really want to be.  I am still quite busy, to be honest.  That's why I gotta make this post a bit short.  But I will try to fill you in with the short version.  I have been on the truck lately because we had a driver out on vacation.  Filling in on the truck is not my job, but the guy who was filling in cut his hand pretty badly and had to get stitches.  So, I found myself driving a delivery truck last week and this week.   I will be on the truck more this week, as well. Ugh!!  Se la vie! I have sold off a bunch of my chickens.  But I needed to do that because having so many was getting quite expensive.  I have a few eggs in the incubator, but I'm not sure how many will hatch.  I had to take out a few last night because they were bad.  But China is sitting on 10 eggs now.  The eggs in the incubator are due the 19th and China's eggs are due on the 22nd.  I've got a Buff sitting, but not regularly yet.  She sits for most of the day, but roosts at night.  I'm not sure what to do about her. 

I also got some racing pigeons.  I got eight of them, but one got away.  It came back the next day, so Mike thought they all would come back.  He let them all out.  I've only got four left now.  There are three or so that have been flying around and have landed in the yard, but are not going back to their coop.  I think they may be gone forever, and I'm not very happy about that.  But the man I got them from said he'd get me some more if need be.  I will see what happens by the weekend.

Our friend Robert is coming to visit!!  He lives in Texas (about 1500 miles/2400 kilometers).  He will be arriving here in North Carolina  the first week in October.  He was Mike's friend years before I met either of them, but we are good friends now.  He's been there for us through some tough situations we've had to face.  He came to visit a few years ago, but that's a bit too long.  We are certainly looking forward to the visit. 

That's what I got for now.  Hope all is well in Blog Land.  See y'all in a few!!


Cal said...

Hi. Just catching up. For some reason you haven't been appearing on my blogroll which is why I've missed a few posts (plus I've been on holiday and busy.) I've redone the blogroll. And I see you gave me an award. Thank you very much. I was on holiday when you posted it. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog.

Tracey said...

Sorry, I laughed so much at the pigeon drama!!!!!!
So glad you aren't dead....XXX

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I think that you should take the buff off her eggs and break her if she starts broody "growling"

she obviously isn't ready to sit tight just yet............

pigeon drama.......at least they are quieter than guinea fowl!!!!

have a good time with rob

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow, CB- sounds like you have a good excuse for being MIA!! Sounds like quite a bit of activity in the brooding department, too... good luck with that. My Silky babies are now 5 weeks old, and they have these hilarious punk-rocker hairdos... I forgot how funny they look at this age and it cracks me up just to look at them. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your friend!

Anonymous said...

I understand about parting ways with some of the chickens/fowls..They do get expensive.
Sounds as if you are as busy as we are around here.
You reckon those pigeons went back to the original owner? We had some one time that did.

Enjoy your visit with Robert!
Have a great day.

Chicken Boys said...

I called the guy that I got the pigeons from. He said he'd keep an eye for them, but he's got tons of them. One more came back, but I can't get it back in with the others. He keeps hanging around, but won't go inside the coop. The three that didn't come back were were best looking ones, too. Two red mottled and one white mottled. Mr. George said I can get some more to replace them.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

,,,,get a grip of yourself...you're a soldier!!!