Friday, September 17, 2010


I couldn't think of what to post about.  My brain was getting fried from the thinkin'.  But I was reading on other blogs about wanting fall to get here.  And that got me to thinking.  I thought about a number of things, but mostly why we are always in a hurry.  Today, we are living in a "give-it-to-me-right-now" society.

As a kid, we only had a house phone.  But today I can't make the short drive to work without seeing gads of people yakking on their cell phones.  And it is my deepest belief that they make the roads more dangerous.  What are they talking about, anyway, that can't wait till they get to a stopping point?  Not that I am opposed to cell phones.  Not by any means.  I have one myself.  I just don't use it when I am driving.  If I think it's important I pull over. 

As a kid I recall having only four channels.  We had ABC, NBC, CBS, and if we were lucky we had PBS.  And usually we had to go outside to adjust the antenna just to get a somewhat clear picture.  Now, everyone has to have the works.  Full cable with all 58 of the movie channels.  I saw a commercial the other day for a sattelite tv provider advertising over 200 channels, plus all the movie channels free from some period of time.  I have cable tv, but it's just basic tv.  No DVR, no special channel to show you what's coming on at 3 a.m.  Just about 50 or 60 channels.  And the funny thing is there's rarely anything worth watching.  Some channels even play daily marathons of sitcoms and other programs I never even cared for anyway.  And what's with paying for channels I don't EVER watch.  I don't watch Spanish channels.  I know a little Spanish, but not nearly enough to understand a tv program.  Give me the good old days when after school meant going outside to play till dinner time.  Then settling down to watch a good family movie together.  Cartoons were for Saturday morning only.  Now, there's 24 hour cartoon channels, albeit, some of them are a bit racey for kids in my opinion.

And what's up with microwaves?  We have one.  We use it for popcorn, warming water for tea and such, reheating leftovers.  But who wants an entire meal that's been pre-cooked and frozed, then thawed and recooked in a micorwave?  I used to eat them.  But that was when I had a job that only gave me 30 minutes for lunch.  Is it so important that you rush a crazy meal together like that so you can go watch a program you're not really that interested in?

Do people ever have family time any more?  We didn't really eat at the dining room table when I was a kid.  But there's a good reason.  It wasn't big enough.  Dinner was usually at my grandparent's house, as the lived less than a mile away.  So dinner was usually for aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.  So we got our plates and ate where we plopped.  But it was never alone in front of a tv or in the bed room.  It was often we family in the living room, maybe with a football game on.  Or on the porch with cousins.  But family interaction was key.  I know of a family nearby me that rarely even spends time together.  The two children, late teens maybe early 20's, are wrapped up in their own goings-on, the wife has a second part time job and is often not home till 9 p.m. and the husband works full time, but runs around on his free time with "his" projects.  I thought "HOW SAD!"

Some times Mike and I will play with the dogs in the yard, mess with the chickens on weekends, have a cigarette on the porch in the evening with drinks.  With all of today's technology we stuck in a speed trap.  I was (am) a big fan of the country group Alabama.  One of my fav songs of theirs goes something like this:

I'm in a hurry to get things done
I rush and rush till life's no fun
All I gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why

I love the summer time.  It's my favorite season.  I enjoy spring and fall, as well.  I'm not big on winter, but I still see the wonders and beauty of that cold, short-day season.  The snow is beautiful and the cold restarts life.  This morning as I was backing out of the drive way I noticed the little maple tree I planted last year was just starting to turn red.  Maples are so pretty this time of year.  I bet Joanna @ Boonedocks Wilcox is getting a beautiful show right about now.  It won't be long before there's frost on the pumpkin.  Why not take a look around.  See the wonders of what God has given us.  Tell your spouse, partner, children, parents, you love them.  Take a moment before you leave for work or school to breathe in the cool, crisp morning air.  Do some cloud watching.  Plant some flowers or a tree.  Savor the taste or your coffee, your meal, your dessert.  Bake a cake.  Make life fun.


Nancy K. said...

Oh, Randy...

I so agree with almost everything you said. You had me right there, cheering along with you ~ until...
"have a cigarette on the porch in the evening with drinks."

You sounded SO wise and credible, right up until the cigarette. :-(

I know. I shouldn't be one of "those" reformed smokers. I quit 50 pounds ~ I mean 15 YEARS ago and know how hard it is. But it is the probably the smartest thing any smoker can do. I really must protest adding cigarette smoking to the list of things that made the world a better place.

I still love ya!


Becca's Dirt said...

I'm ok with the smoking - cause I smoke. There are so many who find it offensive now. Anyway I can totally relate to what you are saying. I remember so many gatherings at my grandmothers with family. We have a large family but now they have all gone in seperate directions and gone are the get togethers. No more. I hate microwaves. When I first got one back in the 80's or was it in the 90's I wondered how I ever got along without it but today I rarely use one. I'd rather use the stove or oven I guess that's all I've got it time now. Don't know how we lived with only 1 phone and it was a party line. You knew your neighbors business. Funny my grandmother used to have the longest conversations with the people on the party line. Thanks for trek down memory lane.

Can I come live with you and Mike?

geoff in wales said...

Ditto, except we only had 3 tv channels and if we where lucky we got to watch the 2 hours of kids tv before dad came home from work.

My daughter said how did we survive without the internet, washing machine, automatic heating and no nintendo, how life must have been boring. Yet my happiest memorys are sitting in a road with my mates playing marbles.

Toni aka irishlas said...


LindaG said...

We only had 3 channels, too. And I think there were only a total of 10 numbers on the dial, one of which said UHF all of which, save the three, had nothing on.

I miss hearing the National Anthem and midnight as the stations would put up the test pattern and go off the air, and then come back on the next morning at 6 AM to the farmer's stock report, even though we lived in the city.

I remember being able to walk downtown, by myself, from my grandmother's house at maybe 7 or so, to go to the little museum or the general store to buy penny candy. Or, my favorite, the A&W DRIVE IN! I Miss that draft root beer.

And fishing with my dad.

Have a great weekend, guys!

jojo said...

well for someone who couldn't think of a post today you came up with one fantastic one. I grew up much as you did, we ate together every night, said our prayers, we were respectful of others...etc. I tried to raise my children in the same way but the world is so different and like you said, we are all in such a hurry. Hurry to grow up..hurry to die. I hate it, thanks for reminding me to slow down and take a deep breath. Have a great weekend guys!

Christine H. said...

Well, Reverend Randy, if this is a sermon from the Church of Chicken Boys, count me in as a true believer! You really hit the nail on the head. We think that cell phones and Facebook keep us connected, but they just keep us from having to face how truly isolated and alone we are. Great post.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your post Randy!! I think we grew up in the same place because we are certainly on the same page!!

Nekkid Chicken said...

You said more than a mouthful my friend. And you almost caused a computer screen blow up over on my blog the other day. Thanks for the heartfelt laugh. PRICELESS, you are! :O)

Foothills Poultry said...

This is why it is so important to just sit out with the chickens and watch. No thinking, no worring, just sit and watch them. May end up with one or 2 sitting on you, but the calming effect is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Randy, Although you often remark that you have nothing to say, it always seems to me that you then go on to write about the most interesting of things.

What you say here is so very true. All these time saving things and yet people never seem to have time for even the most simple of things or indeed for their family and friends. I have not had a television for 30 years and I really believe that this alone gives me so much more time every day for much more interesting and satisfying activities.

Your words of advice are indeed words of wisdom. I am with you.

Little Messy Missy said...

Great post!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I 'bout got mowed down in a grocery-store parking lot because a gal was yaking on her cellphone and not paying attention.

Callie said...

I love the solitude and quiet of living in the woods. Never liked the city life.