Friday, April 23, 2010

What A Week

I am so ready for the entire week to be over with.  Of course, we look for the weekend to escape from the problems of the week, but they don't go away.  They sit right there and wait for you to return to them on Monday.  I had some unpleasant news this week that has put me in a bit of a predicament, and I am left having to make a decision I really would rather avoid.  I don't want to share any details right now, but I'd appreciate any thoughts and prayers I can get.

With that said, my weekend plans changed today.  My sister had asked Mike and I to go to the Dogwood Festival with them in Farmville, NC on Saturday.  There will be street vendors, live music, rides for the kids, and such.  That was the plan for Saturday.  But my mom didn't see my truck at work this morning when she drove by and thought I was out sick or something.  She called Mike and said that all my brothers and sisters were taking their kids to the festival and it was gonna be pretty quiet at home (for a change).  She asked if we'd like to come out for dinner, and maybe help her plant some flowers or something in the yard on Saturday.  So that's what the plan may be after all. 
The circle is the area where my parents live.  That's the Pamlico River that empties into the Pamlico Sound, which in turn, empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  We live an hour and a half west of them on the same river.  But it changes names to the Tar River half way in.

 Lost a chicken a few weeks ago.  Mike and I left Saturday morning and return Sunday evening.  I fed and watered the chickens well before we left, and when we returned we found our splash silkie dead.  She only had one eye.  The guy we got her from said she had Merek's as a chick, but had recovered well except for her eye.  She was with a blue rooster named Blueberry.
They were camera shy.  In fact, they were handled very little and any other type of living thing shy.  But now he seems severely depressed.  He only sits and refused to walk.  He eats and drinks very little.  I'm not sure if he will last through the weekend.  I tried putting another hen with him, but she does her thing, and he ignores her.  I've given him some antibiotics, but it all seems hopeless. 


I got this rainbow out our back door one evening with my cell phone. That was before my sister gave us a nice camera.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Found out where Stripey Cat was for three days.  Farmer set out live traps to catch varmints around his chickens.  Nosey little Stripey Cat wandered over to his place and got himself into a mess.  But Farmer and his grandson realized he was a pet (but didn't know he was ours) and let him go.  He's home safe and sound now.


Nekkid Chicken said...

aaaawe, I hope Blueberry recovers quickly. He must be heart broken, poor thing.

bad penny said...

Oh Stripey Cat you have lost a life or three - be careful please!
I love the way you write - I feel I can hear your voice - we SO have to do that road trip - you, me, Tracey & Suzie !!!!

Donna said...

Praying for you sweetheart! Hope all works out the way you want it to!!
Poor little chicken!!! I'll pray for him too...
Love your SkyWatch!!

LindaG said...

You and your parents both have some beautiful property then.


I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Nancy K. said...

I hope that things work out the way that you would like them to. And that you have a nice weekend!

How sad for your Silkie roo to be missing his ladyfriend! And people think that animals don't have feelings! I hope that he hangs in there and you can find another hen to help heal his broken heart...

One bright note in your post: you obviously have a NICE NEIGHBOR! I can't think of many people who would bother to release a cat that they caught in a trap...

mutteringsfromthemoor said...

Lucky Stripey Cat to have come home safe! I lost a cat once to a nasty trap called a gin trap (they are actually illegal but sadly people still set them). She was gone 3 days, and in the end dragged herself home with broken legs and pelvis and no fur left. We had to put her to sleep :(

I was wondering if I could pick your brain a bit Randy, about looking after chicks? Can you email me and I can ask you some questions!


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Tough week. I hope the next will be easier!

Aerelonian said...

Hopefully things work out! I'm glad they let Stripey go. I don't know what else you can do with the chicken. I'm worried and it doesn't sound good...

Cat said...

May we both have better a better week ahead. Will be sending good thoughts your way. (And tell Stripey that perhaps he shouldn't get involved with traps next time. I do realize, like with all cats, the good that will do, but hey...) Anywho, take care of you.


houndini said...

Hey there

Sorry to hear things are abit challenging at the moment - hope everything works out exactly how you want them to!

It'll be much nicer spending some quality time with your Mum ;-)

Glad the cat is ok too - Best A

Becca's Dirt said...

Hope it all works out for you. So glad Stripey Cat is OK. Crazy girl - getting into trouble. Have a good week. It has to get better - right?

ticc said...

Hope the days have gotten better for you. Lots of prayers and thoughts your way.

Poor Blueberry, hope he has recovered and doing fine.

Crazy Stripey Cat...that's what happens when you go nosing around where you shouldn't be. LOL.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

ga.farmwoman said...

I am sorry about your silkie hen and hope Blueberry made it.
Poor fellow.

The rainbow picture is beautiful! Rainbows always look like hope to me. Like things are looking up, when that rainbow appears after a storm.

Wishing you all a good week.

LemonyRenee' said...

Randy, thank you so much for the comment you left on my last post. You shared a lot, and it meant a lot to me.

Prayers going up for your predicament. Whatever it is, I hope it resolves the best way possible for you.

So sorry about your that little silkie. I hope her friend comes around soon.

(((hugs))), thanks, and prayers, Sweetie.

LindaG said...

That's a good variety of fish you catch there. :)

And yes, everyone celebrates my birthday. I kind of like that. ;)