Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giveaway At Trouble Ink Crafty Crafts

Susan at TICC is doing a GIVEAWAY, as well!  It's giveaway fever!  She is giving away a dream catcher from her etsy shop and a clover amulet from her brother's etsy shop!  They have some pretty cool things!  You should check them out, and maybe even enter in the giveaway! (Not!)  Seriously, though, do read their blogs!  You can find Susan at: TICC
You can find her brother at: Whispering Woods

I was looking through their etsy shops and found some things that are pretty cool!
Here's one of her dream catchers;
Here's a beautiful box he made!

Go check them out!  TICC and Whispering Woods!!


Kat said...

I could definately use a dreamcatcher. I just hung a generic one over my bed to catch all those bad, chaotic dreams. Thanks for the tip.

Tomjay said...
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Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL I see spammers are up early. I like that box; its very pretty.

I just wanted to share:

WE HAVE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicken Boys said...

Sheesh! I don't want to have to moderate! I really don't! I was trying not to do word verification, but I had several ads on one post. Now, this guy keeps coming back! Anybody got any Spam Raid spray? It works for roaches, it's gotta work for these guys!

Tracey said...

Ah! Ames wondered if you had received your parcel! Did you like the buttons? xxx

ticc said...

Nice advertisement on the giveaway. :O)

Gosh, I hate spammers, so far no problem with them (knock on wood). Good luck on the Spam Raid... LOL.

Becca's Dirt said...

I like the dream catcher and have never had one. How neat it is.

Wildflower seeds would be beautiful to scatter. The great thing is that they will reseed to give even better show next year.

hope you both have a great weekend and that you are having some good weather.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

They have some pretty neat stuff. I love the shamrocks!

Callie said...

Enjoy your warm weather. It is raining hard here, but that has chased the snow away.

Donna said...

What a cool give a way! And that wooden box is Nice!
Hope you're having a Nice weekend Randy!!

John Gray said...
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bad penny said...

you made me laugh out loud today with your comment about me winning that necklace ! thanks I needed it