Friday, December 4, 2009

Workin' Weekend

Another Friday is upon me.  It's been a pretty fast week.  I am supposed to have Reserve drill this weekend, but my super has asked me to work on Saturday.  Our store in Plymouth, NC, as they are moving to Edenton, NC.  They needed a new building, and most of their business is out on the beach.  So I have been asked to go help move and reset up the store.  It means overtime, so I agreed.  Then I will go to drill on Sunday.  I can make up Saturday on another weekend.  I"ll just have to reschedule training (RST).  Got my Christmas tree up.  It's not much, but it looks good nonetheless.

It partially covers the tv from the rocker, but it's really the only place I can put it.  Plus, it's right in front of the window so you can see it from the road.

Mike was in the kitchen making jalapeno shrimp wraps.  They are my absolute favorite!  And everyone who likes hot stuff and eats them loves them, too.

The kittens love to play in bags and boxes.  Mike saves the beer boxes for them.  Strpiey Cat was playing in one and kept sticking his face and paws through the carrying holes.  They are so funny.

Of course, I gotta throw in a pic of Jinx.  This is supposed to be my brother's dog, but he lives with my parents.  He's an outside dog, but occasionally they let him inside.  He get a bit nervous then.  His name is Jinx because my brother didn't think he would live.  He got a puppy, and it got bitten by a snake and died.  Then he got another puppy that got under his wheel and got run over.  He had bad luck with dogs, so he figured This one wouldn't make it.  He's a great little doggy.  He's sweet, and if I didn't already have so many animals I'd sneak him home with me.  Y'all have a good weekend!!


♥ Amy ♥ said... background!! love it!! love the tree and the kitten peeping lol!...never thought i would say that I love kittens but now i cannot get enough of them!! xxx

Tracey said...

Lovely tree! Nice to meet Mike too. XXX

jojo said...

Like the new look! Your tree is purdy...we haven't put ours up yet but hopefully this weekend. At least we got the boxes out of the attic so that should count for something! Have a good weekend..;p

Rosie said...

loving the Christmas Tree, looking forward to getting ours up, when we find the room!