Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Afternoon Quickie

No, you pervs. It's not what you are thinking! Get your mind out of the gutter! Gonna do a quick post this afternoon cause I wanna share some more pics. This is Perogi.

Mike named Perogi. Don't know if any of you eat Polish food, but perogis are little dumplings, usually filled with potato and/or onion. Mike loves 'em and so named him after them. He can be a little devil, too. His spurs have been sawed off. He tries to spur me through the fence. When I feed him he even attacks the food as I am tossing it to him. But he's never tried to bite me. He's a loud crower, but not as often as Bucky.

Here is Elvis. It's not the best pic of him, but I'll get more up later. He's laying with Pierre.

Pierre was a miniture Poodle that belonged to my great aunt. She passed away three years ago, and I inherited him. Of course he was 15 years old when I got him. He went totally blind in that time. His bladder became pretty weak. And he became totally dependant. He was nearly 18 years old when he died last month. I cried. I will miss him. He has a nice little grave under the Magnolia tree in the back yard with a fence and a head stone.

And these are my Opaline Gouramis. I never named them. They just kinda make my living room wall look pretty. I'm open to suggestions. I"m not sure of their sexes, but I suppose it wouldn't matter. They're fish. They'll never know the difference, right?

And to end the day, a few of my white leghorns. They were rescued from the frying pan, poor little ladies. These are my first hens that Henry brought me at 9 o'clock at night. They took nearly three months to start laying, and I was considering sending 'em back to the frying pan.

Well, I am certainly glad it's not 104 degrees here today. Though, it is about 93, that's hot enough for me. It's making my tomato plants wilt, and I don't like that. I put up poles for my string beans yesterday. I was finishing right about dark and the skeeters were eating me up. Why did God ever make those nasty buggers, anyway?!

I guess I better get my nose back to the old grind stone. Have a good one!!

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Amy said...

wow, you have a lot of pets dont you?! great stuff!

am i right in thinking that "skeeters" are mosy's where i come from lol??

Amy x :)